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❝ meagancamperseyebrows asked: Can I pay you to follow me around the mall like seriously.

❤️❤️❤️ yes!

Glamorous Frayed Cutout Denim Short, Urban Outfitters (only $9.99!!)

BDG High Rise Cheeky Denim Short, Urban Outfitters 

Updated Wreck Shredded Cutoffs, NastyGal

2 inch Destroyed Cutoff Denim Short, Express (my favorites)

meagan keeps her jewelry and accessories pretty simple, and I love that. Here are some pieces she owns and similar types of pendants she has worn in the past in a variety of prices to get you guys inspired!

Teeny Tiny 10kt Yellow Gold Heart Necklace

Little Dainty Heart Necklace

Pendulum Pendant

Layered Cross Pendant

Silver Cross and Coin Pendant

I’m OBSESSED with this Bing Bang chain

Bing Bang Heart Chain

Moon Pendant

❝ Anonymous asked: Hey! I absolutely love this blog!! I was wondering if you knew where Meagan got her gold heart shaped necklace. Thanks :)

I believe it is SHY by Sydney Evan



saint lazslo is a badass name you just know this kid is gonna grow up to lead the whole damn squad

So sorry for lack of activity!! I’ve been super busy finishing school. There will be requests posted tonight. Thanks for being patient and all the support y’all have given me ❤️❤️❤️


Pete’s instagram pictures of Meagan

❝ Anonymous asked: hello! I'm having trouble seeing the products for the clothing on your blog, is there anyway you could please put the link for her black & white nikes? thank you! i love your blog btw


You can find them here!

Sorry about that, new blog layout removed the text on posts for whatever reason, I fixed it :)

❝ Anonymous asked: Can i send you pictures of clothes that i got that i think are meagan's style? You choose if post them or not :)

of course! xx

❝ Anonymous asked: I love your account. Please never stop posting!!! Also, Meagan and Pete have the I ball muscle tank from unif if you haven't added that one yet! :)

thanks for the love! That top is actually queued! Also a general thanks to anyone who has contributed the whereabouts of certain pieces and also for following and all the kind sweet messages you send!! Xx

❝ Anonymous asked: The trith is that no matter if I buy all Meagan's closet I will never look liker her bc my body is different than hers :(

that’s ok! The trick is owning that style and making it your own, just inspired by her look. She’s classy. You can be classy. We all classy ❤️

❝ iamreallyahuman asked: This is the best blog everrr! ❤

thank you ! xx

Silence+Noise Strappy Back Micro Bra - exact, Urban Outfitters

Silence+Noise Strappy Back Micro Bra - exact, Urban Outfitters

❝ Anonymous asked: Meagan uploaded a while ago this flat shoes with a lot of studs these are from unif they're called hellraisers, maybe you could add them to this great blog too :) hugs ❤

yep they’ve already been posted, check the link in the side that says ‘exact’!

❝ Anonymous asked: I loove this blog and I would like to see more post about meagan's style more than the exactly outfits she wears but dont get me wrong i love your tumblr but if you could post like inspiration pics would be awesome, something like a guide, hugs❤

I would love to make this happen, and actually how I got the idea to start making this blog! I have a few more requests to get thru and then a few inspos. If y’all have any specific events ideas to submit id love those (dinner date, concert outfit ideas, stuff like that) love hearing from you guys ❤️

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